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Kills Bishes!

Kiele, Jun 8, 10 6:23 AM.
Our Current TR kill list!

Lair of the Dragon Queen
Wyvernlord Tuluun 6/7/10
Wurmlord Zaos 6/7/10
Vuulan 6/7/10

Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
Ernax Heridion 6/8/10
Vernox the Insatiable 6/8/10
Sara Greenhart 6/8/10
Haraakat the Seer 7/13/10
Xilaxis the Explorer 7/13/10

Palace of Roehn Theer
Lieutenant Buldoral 6/8/10
Azara the Seer 6/8/10
Penda Parmare 6/8/10
Kendis Parmare 6/17/10
Iilsaad's Barrier 7/5/10
Maalus Shadowfyre 7/5/10

Sages 8/16/10
Roehn Theer (1 Rune) 8/19/10

Oxdaxius (Normal) 8/8/10

Azara The Seer

Kiele, Jun 8, 10 12:37 AM.
With only 1 pick up person we managed to kill Azara the Seer with less than 3 groups. Sooo close to full TR kills! Keep the app's coming guys. ^.^

Fresh Kill, First Pull

Kiele, May 31, 10 9:48 PM.
With 3 pick up people and a total of 17 people in the raid we killed Vuulan on our first pull! Only 7 raid days and we have the organization to kill Vuulan without a full raid.

Still looking for healers big time to support our third group and build our fourth group.

Thanks again to everyone who's been giving us a chance and getting it paid back in guild progression.

Raiding So Far ...

Kiele, May 26, 10 2:06 PM.
Thanks to everyone who's been showing up the past two weeks. With only 6 raid nights under our belt we've killed the following as mostly TR with some pick ups.

Lair of the Dragon Queen
Wyvernlord Tuluun

    Wurmlord Zaos

Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
  Ernax Heridion

    Vernox the Insatiable
    Sara Greenhart

Palace of Roehn Theer
  Lieutenant Buldoral

Icy Keep: Retribution

Hoarfrost Pyreflyte

    Frozen Statue of the Ice Maiden
    Lieutenant Grauf Thundersmash

We're still recruiting hard for shamans, another cleric, chanters, a dirge, and a troub. If I haven't listed your class but you're interested, please drop an app. Send either Kiele, Asharam, or Charayne a tell.
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